Capital Markets

No two real estate transactions are the same. Croisette offers professional and innovative transactional advice on the sale and acquisition of commercial real estate types and portfolios. Want to know more about what we can do for you?

Why use Croisette Capital Markets?

Are you investing in real estate or thinking of doing so? Our dedicated and innovative teams will do everything to exceed your expectations.

We take overall responsibility

For both sales and acquisition advice, Croisette takes overall responsibility for coordinating and managing the process right up to the signing of the transfer agreement and taking possession.


Croisette is constantly working to become even more efficient and innovative in all aspects of the real estate business. You will always have access to an experienced team that works hard and dedicated to create an optimal result. We strive to always use new digital platforms and tools.


Our goal in every client relationship is to gain such a deep understanding of the client’s business that our advice helps to develop your investment business – also from a strategic perspective. We work creatively and look for new approaches that create additional value for our clients.


You can always count on us to give you the advice that is absolutely best for you, regardless of other short-term interests. We like to work with long-term and strategic advice that pays off over time.

Acquisition Advice

Croisette offers advice in connection with acquisitions. The acquisition advice is based on the client's investment strategy and covers the entire acquisition process from strategic advice, deal sourcing, dialog with potential sellers, indicative bid, due diligence and negotiation to completed acquisition. Croisette also assists in developing a new investment strategy together with the client. We also have experience from auction procedures as representatives of the buying party.

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Our sales process

Property Valuation

When you choose to hire Croisette Transactions, we make a pitch with, among other things, a valuation of the property, and analyses of properties and the market, to justify a likely sale price. 


We tailor the marketing for each individual property, to ensure the best possible results. 


We collect all the bids and check that they are all comparable. Together with the seller, we then ensure that we find the best bidder. 

Negotiation and agreement  

Croisette is also involved in drawing up a purchase agreement (share transfer agreement in the case of corporate transactions) and handles all the discussions with the buyer so that all the parties are satisfied. 

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