Digital Property Management

Do you want to minimise the amount of unnecessary work? Croisette offers digital property management – a comprehensive solution that focuses on digitalisation, smartness and advisory services. 

Digital Property Management – a comprehensive solution

The focus is on minimising unnecessary work that a computer, cloud or machine can do, in order to instead highlight availability, customer service and customer experience. We undertake all kinds of management tasks, regardless of the type of property or client, but one requirement is that you as a client are keen to improve efficiency and increase digitisation. 

Financial Management

From rent notification to financial statements and annual reports, we manage the entire process if desired. Of course, we do it as efficiently as possible. Do you want to manage certain parts yourself? Certainly, you should – we tailor our systems and processes to your needs. 

Asset Management

Through this service, we provide a dedicated point of contact responsible for understanding the client and their preferences or investment criteria. The entire property management process is handled, and your asset manager keeps you continually updated on current developments, future prospects, and recommended decisions. 


We offer modern solutions and work with well-designed digital strategies for the implementation and integration of solutions relating to PropTech and IT systems. We offer project management, consulting and feasibility studies in this area, and also help our clients create digital infrastructure for their properties in order to more efficiently achieve their business goals and make smart choices for the future. 

Property and Residential Management

We offer management services for all types of property: offices, shops, residential properties, community properties, industrial properties, warehouse properties, logistics properties and more.”  

Project and Property Development

The needs of tenants change. Adaptation can be the key to securing a tenant on a longer contract or simply retaining them. The business decisions are closely related to these issues. We therefore understand the importance of being able to handle issues like adaptation projects or other projects both quickly and efficiently. 

Facilities Management

We handle everything from property maintenance and landscaping to a comprehensive management service. We think innovatively and aim to find a more and more efficient solution at every step we take. All with the goal of creating the most digitally advanced property management clients. 

Fibre Solutions and Digital Platform

We help our clients connect their properties using fibre, by project managing and implementing the laying of the fibre and connection to the network. In addition to this, we also offer a digital platform for connecting the entire property, selected parts of it or individual entities within it. 

Digital Transformation, Properties, Property Holdings and Projects

We assist property owners with the digital transformation of their properties, real estate portfolios, or individual projects. This is to develop strategies and implementations for modern and future property management. 

Training, Workshop and Digital Consulting

In order to keep our clients informed about the latest trends in the digitisation of properties and their management, we offer training, workshops, and digital consultancy. We tailor our services to the client’s circumstances, preferences, needs, and business objectives 

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