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About us

Croisette Real Estate Partner is the property industry’s most expansive and innovative provider of advice. We represent the property industry’s most progressive customers as well as clued-up sellers of homes. The group’s dedicated and committed employees offer professional advice with long-term sustainability relating to transactions, valuation and analysis, skills provision, management, insurance advisory as well as the provision of real estate, tenant-owner properties, commercial premises and rental properties. Croisette is active nationwide in Sweden, Iceland, Denmark and Finland, and we have our global head office in Malmö. 

Our Vision

Croisette Real Estate Partner strives to be the world’s largest real estate consultant, by delivering tailored, efficient and innovative solutions. We focus on personal interaction in particular. By ensuring discretion and quality in our delivery of services, we strive to create close collaborations and long-term business relationships. Croisette always strives to exceed customer expectations by working professionally, efficiently and proactively. 



Croisette Real Estate Partner Croisette AB is founded. 4 employees, 1 office – Malmö (Sweden).


roisette starts providing data to Datscha. 6 employees – new head office in Malmö (Sweden). 


10 employees. 2 offices – Stockholm (Sweden)


15 employees. 3 offices – Gothenburg (Sweden). 


New area of business: Human Capital. 23 employees. 4 offices – Halmstad (Sweden).


New business areas: Digital Management, Insurance Advisory. 47 employees. 6 offices – Uppsala (Sweden), Reykjavik (Iceland).


90 employees. 11 offices – Helsingborg, Jönköping, Kalmar and Västerås (Sweden), Copenhagen (Denmark).


Croisette.home, acquisition of Våningen & Villan. 280+ employees. 35 offices in total, 1 new office in Helsinki (Finland).  


Croisette establishes an international partnership with Knight Frank.

Launch of new business area Automation & Analysis in Sweden.

Latest news

Knight Frank Prime Global Rental Index Q1 2024

Malin Collin becomes COO at Croisette Real Estate Partner

Knight Frank Prime Global Cities Index Q1 2024

Croisette Awards

Our Culture

We are innovative

Croisette was founded in order to challenge the established ways of working in the real estate industry. We are determined to think differently and challenge old structures, for example by providing new, digital solutions. With an adaptive way of working, we strive to achieve continuous development with a focus on the best interests of our clients.  

We are dedicated

The importance of wellbeing and dedicated employees forms the basis for our friendly cohesion and successful collaborations. With a keenness to listen and flexible working methods, we take on each individual assignment with great commitment, with our good availability creating a sense of certainty for the client throughout the entire process. 

We have a long-term approach

Croisette strives to create value and long-term relationships, both internally and externally. We are characterised by transparency and the provision of sustainable advice in each unique situation. With a focus on environmental issues, we aim to be a green real estate consultant that creates value over time. 

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