A climate-neutral company

As a pioneer in the real estate industry, Croisette became Sweden’s first climate-neutral company in the property sector. Today we actually overcompensate for our emissions. We are very proud of that – but this is just the beginning.

First in the real estate sector – Croisette goes carbon-neutral and overcompensates for its emissions.

How we work in a sustainable way

 Ever since the company was founded in 2015, we at Croisette have had the fundamental aim of doing things differently. Not just in terms of our range of services, but also by leading by example with regard to sustainability in the context of growth and expansion. We want our core values to be reflected in everything we do and not least in how we work with sustainability. 

110 % climate compensation

Becoming climate neutral requires the implementation of some extensive changes. Our action plan describes which areas we have chosen to focus on, and also the extent to which we have succeeded in implementing the measures we have defined in order to achieve our climate goal. The goal with all the measures is reducing the emissions of greenhouse gases. In addition, we offset our total emissions by 110 percent, by investing in projects that generate clean and sustainable energy. So we are actually more than climate-neutral – we are climate-positive. 

Climate Neutrality
– How it works

Analysis of the company's emissions

The first step involves finding out the amount of emissions for which we as a company are responsible. Emissions are calculated based on the PAS 2060 and Greenhouse Gas Protocol standards, so our entire climate footprint is included. 

Definition of goals and drawing up of an action plan

Once the emissions have been identified and analysed, it is time to define specific goals regarding emission reductions and to create an action plan. The analysis shows from where the largest emissions originate. A plan is then drawn up regarding what we need to do to reduce emissions.

Capturing at least 110 % of emissions 

We believe in sustainable and clean energy. We therefore compensate by investing in projects that we believe will have a positive impact on the environment in the long term, both nationally and internationally. 

I am convinced that this is the future and the obvious path to take. As innovative real estate advisors, we feel a great responsibility to lead the industry in the right direction. The decision to not only offset our emissions but also provide an additional 10 percent for historical emissions is entirely self-evident to us. It's time for all companies, especially within the real estate sector, to raise the bar and begin taking responsibility for climate issues. Of course, I am delighted and proud that we have the privilege of being the first, but what matters most to us now is that it won't be long before climate neutrality certificates become a standard for everyone operating in the real estate industry.

Per Svensson

CEO & Founder, Croisette Real Estate Partner

We invest in sustainable and clean energy

Although we have a relatively small impact on the environment when compared to other companies of our size in our industry, we are aware that this fact is not enough to make a difference. To make a difference, you need to set a good example and inspire others, regardless of the level of emissions. We compensate not only for the emissions we contribute via consumption, but have also chosen to go a step further and compensate an additional 10 percent. We do this by investing in projects that we believe in. More information about the various projects is available below.

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Our Action Plan

Through our action plan, we have committed to implementing several significant changes in our way of working. This is something we work on daily to continuously reduce our carbon footprint. This includes making changes to our policies regarding business travel, supplier selection, and the use of electricity for all our offices. We will continue this work to ensure that we always make more sustainable decisions for both the environment and society.

Climate compensation of 110 % of emissions

We believe in sustainable and clean energy. We therefore compensate by investing in projects that we believe will have a positive impact on the environment in the long term.  

Learn more about the projects Croisette invests in:  

Siam Solar

Leading the way towards a sustainable energy future in southeast Asia

Solar cells will play a crucial role in Thailand’s transition to green energy and Siam Solar is a solar cell project that contributes to this. The project links together 10 solar power plants across the Kanchanaburi and Suphanburi provinces in central Thailand with a capacity of approximately 10 MW per plant, and supplies the generated electricity to the national grid.  


The Siam Solar project reduces both dependence on fossil fuels and Thailand’s dependence on imported energy, as well as contributing to both national and regional economic growth. In addition to meeting the regional energy requirements, the project helps improve the local infrastructure and provides employment and training opportunities for the local population. The project contributes to both regional sustainable development and several of the UN’s global sustainable development goals, specifically goals 7, 8, 11 and 13. 

Ulubelu Geothermal

Harnessing southern Sumatra's geothermal fields to produce clean energy

The Ulubelu power plant is located in southern Sumatra, east of Bandar Lampung, and utilises the nearby Ulubelu geothermal field to generate clean electricity for Sumatra’s interconnected grid. Heat from the underground geothermal reservoir produces steam that drives a turbine and a generator to produce clean and renewable electricity. As an inexhaustible source of energy, geothermal power also diversifies Indonesia’s sources of electricity generation, thereby improving energy security and pushing the country towards a low-carbon energy future. 


In addition to producing clean electricity for homes and industries and reducing greenhouse gas emissions, Ulubelu’s geothermal power plant contributes to Indonesia’s sustainable development. By investing in the region, the project also creates jobs, which strengthens and contributes to the local economy. The project contributes to both regional sustainable development and the UN’s global sustainable development goals 7, 8 and 13. 

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