Sales Advice

If you own a property and are considering buying or selling properties, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Croisette Transactions. We have a dedicated team that goes above and beyond to exceed a property owner’s expectations. 

Why use Croisette sales advice?

When we represent a seller, we take full responsibility for structuring, executing, and driving the sales process from initial analysis, creation of sales materials, and marketing to bid evaluation, due diligence, and final negotiation and closing. We also assist the client in the procurement and coordination of external consultants, such as lawyers or tax experts. A crucial aspect of our advisory service is how to structure the deal to create maximum competition, which is a prerequisite for the client to achieve the best possible outcome. 

Our process

Initial Analysis

A thorough analysis of the sales property to ensure the information is of high quality is a central point in our advisory. We do this to create the best conditions for a sale and to minimize uncertainty later in the sales process. 

Sales Materials

Before each sale, we develop professional and high-quality sales materials tailored to each property to generate the highest possible interest among investors.

Marketing and Bid Evaluation

Personal contact with all investors during the marketing phase is important to address and respond to the questions and concerns that arise in a sales process, thus ensuring that an investor always submits the highest possible bid in each case. Together with the seller, we then conduct a bid evaluation where we review each bid and bidder, providing you, as the seller, with the best possible decision-making support

Due diligence (DD)

When the seller selects a party to proceed with, Due Diligence begins, where the buyer is given the opportunity to conduct a financial, technical, and legal examination of the sales property. Croisette offers you, as the seller, the opportunity to access a data room solution, which we manage ourselves, storing digital documents from the seller and facilitating the interaction between the buyer and seller.

Negotiation and Closure

Parallel to Due Diligence, a transfer agreement is negotiated with the buyer. We assist you, as the seller, in this negotiation, all the way to the signing of the transfer agreement and the buyer taking possession of the sales property. 

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