Croisette launches the annual industrial report for 2023

8 March, 2023

Today Croisette Real Estate partner launches its annual industrial report, for the first time covering entire Sweden. The report extensively maps the Swedish industrial market, covering over 128 million square meters of industrial premises spread over more than 48,000 properties. The report will provide insights about the total industrial stock and its growth, vacancy levels in Sweden’s 290 municipalities, and rental data covering the metropolitan regions and regional cities.


The report presents weekly trends on vacancy levels, and we note that the overall vacancy level in all of Sweden amounts to only 2.6%, and since the beginning of 2022, the vacancy level has been stable without major fluctuations over the year. The report shows strength in the industrial segment which is clear in the data that is presented. This strength is also confirmed in the rental market where Croisette is experiencing a continuous demand for new premises from tenants.


The rental growth is primarily driven by new production, where B2C operators in particular are at the forefront when signing new leases on higher levels. Despite a clear shift in yields due to rising inflation and interest rates, continued high demand from investors is noted and the interest in industrial properties remains solid as both foreign and domestic capital is seeking opportunities.


This year we are proud to present a comprehensive industrial report, for the first time covering entire Sweden. 2022 was a year that for many reasons will be remembered, and the real estate industry was no exception, as the activity on the transaction market plunged. Our report cannot change critical macro events around the globe, but we can by a data-driven approach show the strength that the industrial segment continues to possess. The vacancy levels are still at the same low levels as the beginning of 2022 and we continue to see a strong demand on the rental market, contributing a steady rental growth. The investor interest for industrial properties is still solid as several domestic and international players are looking for new opportunities on Swedish market.

– David Almqvist, Co-Head of Transactions, Croisette Real Estate Partner.


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Download the report "Industrial report 2023"