The Telegraph highlights Croisette and the Swedish housing market.

In early January, Johan Linde, Head of International Residential Croisette, visited London. During his stay, he was interviewed by the prestigious newspaper The Telegraph. The interview centred on the significant differences between the requirements for real estate agents in the two countries and how the housing markets differ.

Clip from The Telegraph article

The financial pages of The Telegraph reflected the vast differences between the Swedish and English property markets. Buying or selling a property in Sweden sounds almost like a dream compared to the complexity of the UK housing market.

Gazundering is a major problem in the UK property market, with buyers often making lower offers at the last minute. The Telegraph reports on how Philip Sheppard, an Englishman living in Sweden, has been trying to sell his parents home in Warwickshire for over two years without success as buyers continue to drop out at the last minute when their demands are not met.

Another key difference between the countries is the regulatory framework for property agents. In Sweden, there are high requirements and all estate agents undergo a university education and must also be insured and comply with the Real Estate Agents Act. In Sweden, there is also a requirement for the agent to keep a journal, like a doctor, during the property transaction. In the UK, an estate agent does not need to have any professional qualifications, training or pass any checks.

In summary, there are major contrasts between property transactions in Sweden and the UK. While ‘gazundering’ plagues the UK market and creates uncertainty for sellers, the UK has a much safer and more transparent process.

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