2021, the year a vision became reality

In 2021, we opened five new offices, hired 62 new employees and opened up in a third country. We recently reached the magic mark of 100 signed employment contracts, a figure CEO & Founder, Per Svensson, had long visualized and even set as a goal at the beginning of the year.

Croisette 2021

Per Svensson

CEO & Founder

Since the beginning, personal drive and positive attitude of employees has been a characteristic we have chosen to value very highly. We believe in young, innovative people who can identify with Croisette and our corporate culture. Rarely has a score in numbers been able to reflect an organisation’s strong corporate culture and job satisfaction as well as Croisette’s Employee Net Promoter Score (ENPS), measured for the first time in mid-2021 (read more here).


During the year, we not only managed to get a receipt for our sustainability work, but in October we could proudly present our Certificate of Climate Protection, which makes Croisette the world’s first climate-neutral real estate advisor.


After being able to stand and look out over the Öresund Bridge from our headquarters every day, 2021 was also the year we took the step over to Denmark. Locating the first Danish Croisette office in Copenhagen felt like a no-brainer. I have a feeling that this will be an unparalleled success story and open up the possibility of further huge expansion in 2022, guaranteed to take place in three countries, but likely in more than that.

Croisette Iceland

Styrmir Bjartur Karlsson

Managing Director, Croisette Iceland

2021 was very eventful, challenging and fruitful. We hired a leasing manager and a senior analyst very quickly in the year, resulting in leasing projects coming into our pipeline and strong reports on the commercial property market. Our reports were so well received that Croisette became the official real estate partner for Invest in Iceland. This has resulted in many inquiries coming our way. In the 4th quarter the company became cash positive with great results which included transactions like selling the old US Embassy in Reykjavik and 2 large tenant representation leasing agreements with Fraser Group for Sports Direct.

Croisette Denmark

Martin Spangdahl-Fafara

Managing Director, Croisette Denmark

It has been a fantastic response from the market and we are looking forward to new contacts, business, and the developments that will take place in 2022.


Peter Bergquist

Deputy CEO & Head of Leasing

2021 has continued to be a favourable year on the rental side for Croisette. With around 150,000 square metres leased and with three new offices in the country, the future feels bright(pink). Jönköping, Kalmar and Västerås are all cities where we have noticed an interest in our services but have not been present on site. We have a clear strategy – you should be local where you operate. From the feedback we get from our clients, I am convinced that this is the right way to go and that over time we are the only obvious choice for real estate consultancy. Our clients expect us as advisors to have a large national network and at the same time possess detailed knowledge of the local market where they themselves have their stock. Something you can only offer if you are on the ground locally.

There has been a strong focus on lettings in warehousing and logistics, where demand for premises in the right locations has been extreme. There is hardly any sign of a slowdown. The challenge is to find buildable land where tenants want to establish themselves. Neighbouring municipalities to the country’s major hubs will also continue to be able to ride the logistics wave as land in more sought-after locations dwindles.

We are seeing more interest in unique office space than ever before. This is likely an effect of employers needing to offer something extra to attract the right type of employees as well as to get their employees into the office. In the pandemic, people have become accustomed to working from home, reduced commuting time and more flexible working hours. We have several examples of where employers are choosing to rent an office where the focus is not on optimising square footage but rather building identity and creating a unique environment.

Now we are looking forward to kick off the 2022 season together with our clients!


David Almqvist & Olle Håkansson Nobel

Co-heads of Transaction

Looking back on 2021, it has been an intense, but above all successful year for Transactions. We have achieved many of the milestones we have set in our journey to become the leading transactions advisor in Sweden. During the year, we turned over a total of SEK 4.1 billion in underlying property value, spread over a total of 35 transactions. The year has also been marked by a clear expansion where we have gone from three to six offices and where the team will consist of a total of 27 transaction advisors at the beginning of 2022. It is with great confidence that we are now preparing for a new year with new exciting deals.

Valuation & Analysis

Fitore Regjepaj

Head of Valuation & Analysis

When we look back to 2021, we will remember a year of intense work and good results. By following the industry’s canonical pace, we have been able to deliver valuation in record time. This hard work has led to more clients, larger portfolios and, of course, more employees. Valuation and Analysis will have 13 employees by early 2022. Our ambition is to continue to deliver high quality valuations and analysis, and to strengthen our presence in more offices across the country.


Erika Klingberg

Head of Human Capital

We are pleased with a working year of successful collaborations and great results! Our focus on educating and offering more quality interim solutions to the real estate industry as a complement to recruitment was successful. During the year, we at Human Capital have strengthened our presence in existing locations and established local consultancy in Malmö, which has resulted in 100% staff growth and good prospects for 2022.

Digital Property Management

Peter Eriksson

Head of Digital Property Management & Administration

The business makes its first full year. We are on a mission to change the way and the view of how the industry takes care of real estate. The whole market is our playing field which is incredibly inspiring and real estate rebranding has begun.

We’ve gone from two to 12 employees during the year and have established additional staff in locations in Malmö, Helsingborg and Stockholm. The step in with staff in Helsingborg was made by taking over Rexellent AB, an established player in the local market in north-west Skåne. Since Croisette’s inception, we have had common clients with whom we have worked at various stages of the property ownership process and I have had the pleasure of following both the development of the company and the staff who are now part of the Croisette family. The move into Stockholm has also meant that we have management in place in Mälardalen, which is an important region for us to continue to grow in.

Insurance Advisory

Jenny Ulriksson

Head of Insurance Advisory

2021 was the year Croisette Insurance Advisory AB started its insurance brokerage business. We received our licence from the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority during the first quarter. As an insurance broker in a real estate advisory group, we naturally work with a strong real estate owner focus.

As we look back on the start-up year, distance and restrictions notwithstanding, we are pleased with the significant and successful partnerships we have forged with both clients and insurance companies. We are very pleased with the innovative and unique insurance solutions, specifically designed for property owners, that we have developed over the year.

Staffing levels have increased from 1 to 3 employees and expansion will continue. We have created very good conditions, the foundations have been laid and now we are looking forward to the coming year. We look forward to introducing our innovations and unique solutions to both current and new customers in 2022.

Start in 2022 with the right foundation.


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