Croisette advises on sale when Everleaf Property AB sells residential portfolio

Everleaf Property AB has sold six properties in Vellinge to HSB Malmö. Croisette Real Estate Partner provided advice to the seller.


These properties are part of a residential portfolio covering around 9,421 square metres of lettable area, divided over 106 apartments and four commercial premises. This is a corporate sale, with an underlying real estate value of SEK 188.3 million.

“These properties are well maintained, and we are very pleased that our home saver members will now have access to rented apartments in Vellinge. This is a strategically positive acquisition given the fact that we are currently constructing rented apartments in Hököpinge”

– Lennart Eckerholm, acting business area manager for HSB Sundsfastigheter

“We are pleased to have been entrusted with the task of assisting Everleaf Property with this sale. This deal indicates that the transaction market is still strong, and we will probably go on seeing this type of deal at good levels going forward, despite the pandemic”

– Peter Eriksson, Partner at Croisette Real Estate Partner in Malmö



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