Croisette awarded multi-year valuation contract in Umeå

Croisette Real Estate Partner has come out on top in a public procurement procedure relating to real estate valuation in Umeå.


This framework agreement will remain in force for two years, with the option of extending by another two years, and relates to administrative valuations concerning rights of way, communal facilities and simplification of boundaries, among other things. Besides the municipality of Umeå, most other municipalities and authorities are included and may submit suborders to Croisette.

”We think it is fantastic that we have been entrusted with the task of providing valuation services to the municipality of Umeå. We value this contract very highly and are looking forward to providing real estate valuations to one of the biggest municipalities in northern Sweden”

– Carl Axelsson, Valuation & Analysis Associate at Croisette Real Estate Partner in Stockholm

The valuations that Croisette will be supplying on behalf of the municipality of Umeå relate to commercial properties, industrial properties and residential properties both in Umeå itself and outside the city.

”We are very pleased with the outcome of this procurement procedure relating to real estate valuation agents, and we are looking forward to a good partnership over the next few years”

– Linda Vestin, procurement officer at the municipality of Umeå


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