Croisette awarded prestigious new logistics contract

Croisette Real Estate Partner has been working for some time on a leasing contract involving 90,000 square metres of land ready to build on in Åstorp, near Helsingborg. Södervidden Fastigheter AB owns the property.


This property is directly adjacent to the point where the E4 and E6 motorways intersect, and the owner of the property is planning to build a new storage and logistics facility there. The detailed development plan will permit construction of high-bay storage covering an area of around 45,000 square metres in the best possible location for logistics and signage, and the plan is to make about one third of this about 20 metres high. A number of players have shown an interest, and half of the area has been reserved. The project is expected to be completed in the autumn of 2021, if everything goes according to schedule.

”We are pleased to have this opportunity in a location where the Helsingborg region has emerged as one of the most significant logistics sites in Sweden.”

– Rudolf Tornerhjelm, Chairman of Södervidden Fastigheter


“As there is a very limited amount of land available in the local area for new construction of larger logistics hubs, I am not surprised by the huge amount of interest shown in this one. The construction project in Åstorp is a much-needed addition to the logistics market in Skåne. We are eagerly looking forward to see what we and the real estate owner can achieve together”

– Peter Bergquist, Head of Leasing, Croisette Real Estate Partner.


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Photo: Södervidden Fastigheter AB.

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