Croisette establishes international presence

Croisette Real Estate Partner has grown to more than 50 staff, five business areas and five offices in Sweden in just five years – and now this real estate advisor is establishing an international presence and opening its first office outside Sweden.



Croisette is continuing its expansive growth phase and is opening its first international office in December 2020 – in Iceland. The first man on the ground will be Styrmir Bjartur Karlsson, an Icelandic entrepreneur and estate agent living in Reykjavík. Styrmir will be the CEO of the subsidiary and has more than twenty years of international business experience, having lived in Sweden for six years.

“It was really fortunate that we came into contact with Styrmir. He has proven to be perfect for the task of establishing Croisette internationally. Not only does Styrmir have the perfect network of contacts, he also fits in beautifully with our culture, our vision and our concepts going forward. I feel very comfortable that the responsibility for Croisette’s success in Iceland is in Styrmir’s safe hands: he shares our level of ambition and our naïve view of what is possible”

– Per Svensson, CEO and Fuonder of Croisette Real Estate Partner


A good foundation, but not a priority market

The launch of Croisette in Iceland is the first of a number of planned international launches. The first country selected outside Sweden, Iceland, appears to be full of opportunities for an innovative real estate consultant such as Croisette. Not only is there just a handful of listed real estate companies there, but real estate advisors are also conspicuous by their absence. Iceland is a modern economy undergoing strong population growth, the population is young and well educated and the level of digitalisation there is high. Moreover, Iceland is consistently ranked among the best in the world in terms of welfare, happiness and, above all, equality.


“The time is ripe for an international player to enter the Icelandic market. The Icelandic real estate industry has developed quickly over the last decade in line with the growing tourism industry, and it offers enormous opportunities in terms of real estate development and transactions. We view Croisette’s launch of the Icelandic market as a fantastic opportunity to make a further contribution to the development of the market and open up Iceland for even more international investments. I am very honoured to join the Croisette team, and we are looking to the future with confidence”

– Styrmir Bjartur Karlsson, CEO Iceland, Croisette Real Estate Partner


“Many aspects are similar to when we launched in Malmö, the market is big enough but not a priority. But we consider this market to be a high priority, and we perceive major opportunities for future synergies between these two countries. The fact that Iceland and Sweden share the same fundamental values is also a huge benefit,” continues Per Svensson.


Fråga Lou AB has assisted Croisette with establishing a presence in Iceland.


A year of success for Croisette

2020 has been a remarkable year. The world has been constantly changing and the future uncertain, given the ongoing pandemic, and this has demanded focus and swift adjustments to the prevailing market. Despite the circumstances, this has been a year of excitement and expansion for Croisette. The year got off to a good start when the company won the Business Rookie of the Year award at the Malmö Business Gala. A new business area, Digital Property Management & Administration, was launched and Croisette was named as one of the finalists in Growth Entrepreneur of the Year, an annual award presented by Tillväxt Malmö. In October, it also became clear that Croisette qualified as a Gazelle Company, a very rare thing in the real estate industry.
Croisette’s first foray into the international market is clear evidence of the fact that hard work pays off.


About Styrmir Bjartur Karlsson

Styrmir Bjartur Karlsson is 42 years old and has a degree in business studies from Reykjavík University. He is also a certified real estate agent. He has more than 20 years of experience of commercial properties in both Iceland and Sweden and extensive experience of international retail as a director working with global brands in the leisure and fashion segments.


This provides him with plenty of insight into the market from the perspectives of both retailer and lessor, as well as in-depth brand knowledge. Styrmir has worked with rental representation and real estate development with many internationally renowned brands in both Stockholm and Reykjavík for more than a decade.

Styrmir Bjartur Karlsson

For more information, please contact:

Styrmir Bjartur Karlsson, CEO Iceland, Croisette Real Estate Partner
+354 899 9090


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