Croisette launches new business area and wins prestigious contract

Croisette Real Estate Partner is launching its fifth business area, Digital Property Management & Administration. Its largest contract to date will involve managing the real estate holdings of housing company Tornet.


Croisette Digital Property Management & Administration AB will be offering administration services focusing on efficient solutions and high levels of advice and digitalisation.

The contract with Tornet involves financial management and administration, and joint efforts on Tornet’s level of digitalisation will also be implemented. Croisette has been supplying management services to varying degrees for a while and has now made the decision to create a separate business area from these services.

”We are incredibly proud to get our new business area off the ground together with Tornet. Their holdings are some of the very finest on the Swedish market. We are looking forward to exposing this part of the real estate industry to competition as well.”

– Per Svensson, CEO & Founder of Croisette Real Estate Partner

Croisette has recruited a member of staff to be in charge of this initiative. This appointment will be announced shortly.

”As we go on focusing more closely on project development, we have now made the decision to free up resources by outsourcing parts of our business. We decided to go with Croisette, because they are a young, dynamic company that focuses closely on digitalisation.”

– Göran Wendel, CEO at Tornet


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