Croisette launches new business area – Automation & Analytics

Croisette is proud to announce the launch of its eighth business area, Automation & Analytics, designed to revolutionize the way we approach data science and technology in property development and sustainability assessments.

New business

Ossama Gabrallah, the esteemed Head of Automation & Analytics, brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table. His background encompasses a unique blend of architecture, urban planning, and technology industries, accentuated by the attainment of two master’s degrees in urban economics and sustainable property development. Furthermore, Ossama holds multiple professional certifications: property valuation, Python programming, geo-spatial data science, and data visualization.


”Being part of this expansive company is an incredibly exciting journey. I am very proud and grateful for the trust and look forward with great enthusiasm to taking on, and further developing, our new business area”

Ossama Gabrallah, Head of Automation & Analytics


Automation & Analytics is Croisette’s visionary data science and technology-focused division, dedicated to enhancing our current business areas with data-driven insights and precise predictions powered by cutting-edge machine learning technology. This dynamic unit also extends comprehensive consultancy services in property development, sustainability assessments, and digital solutions with the aid of generative artificial intelligence.


Per Svensson, the CEO and Founder of Croisette Real Estate Partner, emphasizes the strategic significance of this new business area:


“For Croisette, this is an extremely strategic business area, and the potential it unlocks for us is immense. I’m thrilled to welcome Ossama to Croisette. As a part of our thriving organization, the Pink Family, characterized by its core values of Innovation, Dedication, and Long-termism, finds this expansion both inspiring and challenging.”

The introduction of Automation & Analytics marks a significant step in Croisette’s commitment to staying at the forefront of the real estate industry’s technological advancements. This innovative approach promises to bring substantial benefits to clients and stakeholders while maintaining the company’s reputation for excellence.



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