Croisette makes its third international establishment

Sweden and their beloved neighbor Finland have a long history of working closely together. Therefore, it’s now finally time for Croisette to raise its pink flag in Helsinki, the capital of Finland.

croisette finland

Croisette’s international success story with offices opened in Iceland and Denmark is now entering the next phase. The first person on the ground in Finland is Jalmari Janhunen, MSc (Eng.), MBA, an experienced advisor in the real estate industry with a background in both transaction services and corporate finance. Mr. Janhunen will be the Managing Director of the Finnish subsidiary, Croisette Finland Oy.

”I am proud of the fact that we have been again able to attract a young, driven, and highly motivated real estate professional with the right values to join us on our pink journey. Jalmari’s mindset and understanding of the market makes us certain that will have a unique and huge position in the market over time. It’s just a matter of how fast and how big”

– Per Svensson, CEO & Founder, Croisette Real Estate Partner.

The launch of Croisette Finland is the third one in a series of launches planned outside Sweden. Since the start of Croisette, growth has been an important factor for us. The vision to become the world’s leading real estate advisor, has also been a public goal. Therefore, even with stable growth in current markets, there will be a constant need to add new possible growth markets.


“We have been looking at Finland for quite a while and we are pleased to finally reach the start of a new chapter”

Per Svensson, CEO & Founder of Croisette Real Estate Partner.


“I am thrilled to broaden Croisette’s already strong presence in the Nordics and do it together with a young, innovative, and hardworking team at Croisette. After working within the Finnish real estate market for several years, I can see that there are attractive opportunities to do things differently and we at Croisette have the right tools to utilize those opportunities. In the first year, our goal is to grow the team by 5-8 persons, and we aim to keep the growth steady in the upcoming years”

– Jalmari Janhunen, Managing Director of Croisette Finland.      



About Jalmari Janhunen:

Jalmari Janhunen is 35 years old and lives in Kauniainen. Jalmari has MSc in real estate economics from Aalto University, Finland, and an MBA from Monmouth University, United States. Janhunen has many years of experience in the real estate markets, both in transaction services and corporate finance. He has advised many Finnish and international investors in real estate acquisitions and divestments. Janhunen also has international work experience from the U.S., where he was working as a financial analyst. Janhunen’s versatile experience gives him a solid knowledge of managing both the processes and people.



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