Croisette unique – winner of the Gazelle of the Year 2020 award

Croisette Real Estate Partner was named a Gazelle Company in October, a distinction paying tribute to Sweden’s most successful growth company. 


Croisette also won the Skåne Gazelle of the Year award at DI Gazelle Live 2020. A 781% growth rate during the survey period makes Croisette unique, particularly because no other real estate player has ever won the Skåne Gazelle of the Year award. The plan now is to continue that growth.


Croisette Real Estate Partner was named a Gazelle Company 2020 in the autumn, together with one per cent of Sweden’s most expansive companies. The gazelle year provided a total of 846 gazelle companies in Sweden, a figure considerably lower than in the previous two years, when 1,250 companies (2019) and 1,362 companies (2018) received this accolade. The county winners for Skåne and Blekinge for 2020 were announced at Dagens Industri’s digital Gazelle Gala 2020 on 12 November 2020. Croisette topped the list of gazelle companies in all industries in Skåne and won the title of Gazelle of the Year 2020 – and a statuette.


The Gazelle Company accolade is something that only the most successful growth companies in Sweden can boast – fewer than one per cent of Swedish companies are successful in meeting the criteria to become Gazelle Companies. So simply being awarded this accolade is a really big thing and winning the award as a business master in terms of growth in Skåne is an enormous achievement. After four complete sets of financial statements, 2020 is the year in which Croisette has finally had the opportunity to qualify in this category – and of course the company is really proud of this.

”We work really hard to grow the company and receiving confirmation that we are doing the right thing feels great – actual figures in the ‘regular world of commerce’ are high. I think this is proof that we are needed and are doing the right thing, and I am incredibly proud of what we have achieved. We are really helping to drive our industry forward”

– Per Svensson, CEO & Founder of Croisette Real Estate Partner

Focus on continued growth – globally. Croisette’s long-term target is to achieve a 100% annual growth rate. The first step outside Sweden has now been taken, when an office was set up in Iceland in December 2020.


“It is likely we will add another country to our stable as well at some point, while also continuing our growth in both Sweden and Iceland. Growth is really fantastic, and it is really exciting to be able to change the industry from a global perspective. The Swedish market will be too small for us sooner or later, and it would be better for us to take that step out into the world sooner rather than later,” says Per Svensson.



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