Growth Entrepreneur of the Year 2020

Per Svensson, CEO at Croisette Real Estate Partner, is one of the finalists hoping to win Growth Entrepreneur of the Year 2020, an annual award presented by Tillväxt Malmö.


The three finalists in the competition to win Tillväxt Malmö’s Growth Entrepreneur of the Year 2020 award were named on 3 March. This award is presented to a Malmö entrepreneur who has contributed to growth in the previous year, and it exists in order to celebrate Malmö’s talented entrepreneurs who are helping to create a better future for Malmö.


Nomination criteria:

The Growth Entrepreneur of the Year is someone whose entrepreneurship has helped a company or organisation to grow. Entrepreneurs from all industries are welcome to enter. The company had to have had between 5 and 100 employees in 2019. Entrepreneurship and the ability to create growth are what count! – Tillväxt Malmö


This year’s three finalists are Daniel Melkersson from PinMeTo, Mathias Thulin from GetAccept and Per Svensson from Croisette Real Estate Partner.


The judges gave the following reasons for their decision.

”With a penchant for challenging existing yet old-fashioned working methods in an established and competitive industry, this entrepreneur has already proven, despite his youth, that both profitable and fast growth is possible by offering good advice and profitable deals to his clients. We have heard him say several times that you just have to do things slightly differently. This entrepreneur is building up his organisation brick by brick and is preparing to continue the organisation’s growth in the foreseeable future. We have probably only just seen the beginning of the journey that has begun in Malmö and is now spreading to other cities, with the addition of new business areas. This entrepreneur provides his staff and clients with enormous amounts of inspiration on account of his stubbornness and the way in which he operates. He helps the company to continue its success every single day. A great deal of rigour can certainly be combined with humility and a pink suit.”

– Per Svensson, CEO & Founder of Croisette Real Estate


The winner will be announced at Maxa Malmö, which will be taking place at Malmö Arena Hotel on 27 March.

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