New Deputy CEO and global partner of Croisette AB

Peter Bergquist is appointed Deputy CEO of Croisette Real Estate Partner and becomes the fourth partner in the parent company Croisette AB.


Croisette Real Estate Partner is soon reaching six years in business and since the first day, Peter Bergquist, Head of Leasing, has always been there. Peter had no experience in the real estate business, but just graduated from Malmö University in Real Estate Science. Despite this, he has managed to become a well-known person in the real estate business through his spectacular journey with Croisette.


Croisette’s business area Leasing was founded by Peter Bergquist who built up the service to the point where it is today, one of Sweden’s leading rental businesses for commercial real estate.

“Peter and I met by pure chance and I’m so grateful that out first meeting took place at that specific time and place that it did. Peter has shown an impressive quality regarding partly carrying out impressive rentals himself but also building teams that do the same. I’m eternally grateful to Peter as a person, friend, and colleague and look forward to further developing the group for a long future together.”

– Per Svensson, CEO & Founder of Croisette Real Estate Partner


Peter mentions that he’s also glad that he six years ago decided to go outside his comfort zone and invest his time in the company.

“I am extremely grateful for the trust from the start and now honored for the opportunity to continue to develop together with Croisette. To also be able to do it together with people who are very close to each other is a privilege. Looking forward to our joint journey and goal of becoming the world’s largest real estate advisor.”

– Peter Bergquist, Head of Leasing & Deputy CEO


We at Croisette will continue in the same direction as we always have, investing in young talents with high ambitions that enable us to live up to our goal; to become the best in what we do and continue to strive towards our goal to become the world’s largest real estate consultant.


Croisette AB, the parent company in the group, is still controlled by Per Svensson, CEO. Minority owners are as of now Jacob Karlsson AB, Erik Selin Fastigheter AB and Peter Bergquist.



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