New logo – the same ambitious vision

2020 was the year in which we took our first step into international territory and established a presence in Iceland.  nyhet-3_rityta-1

Following the common theme through our core values, which include innovation, dedication and a long-term approach, we knew it was time for another revolutionary change. Croisette Real Estate Partner is proud to report that today sees the launch of our new logo and graphic profile. We’ve all been forced to rethink matters and think along new lines since the pandemic began. For many companies, this challenge has been reflected in reduced profits and layoffs. For Croisette, a company that was already used to thinking outside the box and driving towards change and technical development even before the COVID-19 outbreak, the switch was by no means as insurmountable.


As Croisette grows and paints more and more countries pink, taking on even more great staff and new business areas, we want to create a clear, common standpoint. The new graphic profile, including the logo, and our strong core values will permeate Croisette Real Estate Partner in its entirety, no matter what the country or business area.

“We think it’s absolutely right to make sure that Croisette Real Estate Partner remains strong and cohesive as a brand as we expand. We’ve had a clear, unequivocal vision from the outset, and that’s something we want to convey in our graphic exposure as well. With our new logo and graphic profile, we’re making sure we’ll have the opportunity to grow quickly, and grow with style”

– Per Svensson, CEO & Founder of Croisette Real Estate Partner


Who we are, what we look like and what we represent will never be in any doubt whatsoever. A modern, innovative company that’s always there for all our staff, customers, partners and suppliers when they need us.


We’ve kept the strong pink colour symbolising that anything is possible, of course.

“As the Head of Marketing & Communications at Croisette, I’ve seen major benefits with our distinctive features in the graphic profile. That’s why we’ve chosen to keep the pink colour throughout but switched to a new, more modern font and design. Our new logo is a new font with new proportions that highlight the Croisette brand still further”

– Sandra Amin, Head of Marketing & Communications, Croisette Real Estate Partner

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