The official start for Croisette Denmark

With a head quarter in Malmö where you as an employee can look out over the Öresund and our dear neighbor, it’s now finally time to raise our first pink banner in Denmark’s capital, Copenhagen.  

Last year was the start of Croisette’s international expansion with the first office opening in Iceland and the company’s expansive growth phase is now continuing apace. First through the door this time is Martin Spangdahl-Fafara, an experienced advisor in the real estate industry with a background as Head of Transactions at STAD Erhverv, Copenhagen.

“After a period of searching, we’re extremely happy that we met Martin, who proved to be the perfect person to establish Croisette in Denmark. His broad background and well-established network in the local market, together with his enthusiasm to drive change, make him a great asset for Croisette. Since the beginning, we’ve been extremely careful to protect our strong corporate culture and promote our values, innovative, dedicated, and long-term. Martin is someone who reflects our values and way of thinking. He fits into our culture while sharing our passion and optimism for the future. It feels right to put the responsibility for Croisette’s future in Denmark in Martin’s safe hands”

– Per Svensson, CEO & Founder of Croisette Real Estate Partner

A market with huge potential

The launch of Croisette’s operations in Denmark is the second of several proposed international establishments. Denmark is proving to be filled with opportunity for an innovative real estate consultancy firm like Croisette. Not only is it geographically close to Croisette’s headquarters, but it shares the Scandinavian way of thinking, making the establishment of Croisette Denmark even more self-evident. Denmark has a modern economy with strong population growth, a young and well-educated population, and a high degree of digitalisation. It’s one of the leading countries in terms of building projects and architecture.  The high and ambitious level of education in the country bodes well for Martin to build his future team.

“I’m convinced that we can make a big difference for customers on both sides of the strait, not only by building a bridge between the Scandinavian markets with professional advice and utilizing innovative approaches”

– Martin Spangdahl-Fafara, Managing Director, Croisette Danmark

Start of 2021 at Croisette

The start to 2021 has been as eventful as 2020. The Human Capital business area was established in Malmö with Karolina Björkander at the helm, and Croisette’s international establishment at the end of 2020 is now beginning to take shape and is expected to generate astonishing results. Styrmir Bjartur Karlsson, Managing Director of Croisette Iceland, received a prestigious assignment that involved the sale of the former US embassy in Iceland. We’re confident that this bodes well for the company’s future internationally, and we see no reason to ease off the throttle and are embarking on our introduction into the Danish market full of confidence.

About Martin Spangdahl-Fafara:

Martin Spangdahl-Fafara is 39 years old and lives in Copenhagen, having grown up around real estate since childhood with an estate agent as a mother. Martin has many years of experience, both as a private and business broker, most recently as Head of Transactions at a Danish business broker. He demonstrates great versatility, handling everything from renting and valuation to transactions throughout Denmark, for both Danish and international clients. Martin has also worked with several property developers, which gives him a solid knowledge of both the processes and management. This ranges from the sale of the plot through until the turnkey project is sold, either as a project sale or to an investor.  

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