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Croisette serves as the bridge between candidates and employers. We tailor each unique recruitment process for a perfect match. 

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We serve as advisors to external clients and provide assistance throughout or parts of the recruitment process. We tailor each unique process to meet the client’s needs and are flexible in accommodating their preferences. We utilise modern recruitment tools and have a sharp understanding of the real estate industry, with many successful placements behind us. 

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We offer collaboration throughout or parts of the recruitment process. With modern recruitment tools and a deep understanding of the real estate industry, we tailor each unique process. We place great importance on getting to know your business to jointly create a clear vision for precise and efficient delivery. 


Are you facing a work peak, organisational change, parental leave, or are you in the midst of an ongoing recruitment process? Then a consultant can be the perfect solution, which can also be implemented at short notice. We have a solid network of competent interim consultants who can support your operations as needed. 


We serve as advisors when you, as a client, have questions about competence supply or want to establish a recruitment strategy. 

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Our recruitment process

Requirements Profile Meeting

In the initial stage, we sit down together to discuss your current competence needs. We establish a requirements profile and develop a strategy and timeline for the recruitment process. During this meeting, we ensure the conditions for a successful process. 


After creating the requirements profile, we work on a draft advertisement that you will review before publication. Upon approval, we go live on selected marketing channels and start processing applications. 

Search and Selection

In parallel with handling ongoing applications, we conduct an extensive search on internal and external platforms to identify and attract candidates who match the requirements profile. 

We contact all candidates in the process by phone for an initial personal contact. 

Competency-Based Interviews

We welcome relevant candidates to a physical meeting and conduct competency-based interviews. In this forum, we examine the candidates’ skills, experience, ambitions, and personal qualities. We also present your company and the advertised position. 

Candidates who do not meet the requirements according to the established profile receive feedback via a call. 

Candidate Presentation

In the subsequent step, we present the candidates we consider best suited for the role. 

Interviews with the Client

After the candidate presentation, the process continues with interviews and potential case assessments at your company. 

Reference Checks and Optional Services

We conduct reference checks by phone and can also assist with background checks and tests if needed. 

Signing of Employment Contracts

In the final step, the chosen candidate receives an offer. In conjunction with the signed employment contract, we provide personal feedback to all candidates who did not receive the position. 

What our clients say about us


Croisette Human Capital offers consultant staffing, recruitment, and advisory services in the real estate sector. We work to simplify the match between employers and consultants. 

Yes, we operate throughout the Nordic region. 

We fill roles across the entire real estate segment. 

We tailor our recruitment processes in dialogue with the client. However, it usually starts with a requirements profile meeting, ad writing, search, competency-based interviews, candidate presentation, client interviews, reference checks, and finally an offer from the client! 

It varies, but typically a process takes 4–12 weeks. It’s important to consider that candidates usually have a 3-month notice period, so we advise our clients to plan their recruitment well in advance! 

It depends on several factors. One can be whether consultants run their own companies or not. Another factor is the type of assignment the consultant takes on. Contact us, and we’ll provide more information. 

Certainly! We can tailor an arrangement that works for both parties. We can assist with tasks such as search, ad writing, or reference checks, among others. 

We work daily to cultivate and maintain our network of interim consultants. Our goal is always to offer competent consultants on short notice. Often, this can be arranged within 1–2 weeks. However, we recommend planning ahead to ensure the availability of the most suitable candidates for the assignment. 

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