Automation & Analytics

AA is Croisette’s prop-tech and data analytic-focused unit. AA is dedicated to transforming and accelerating the group operations, through the development and utilization of data science and tailored algorithms in: investment strategies, transactions, ESG transformation, and property development.  

Next-Gen Search & Acquisition

For commercial, and operational real estate properties: Our AI-driven algorithm can identify undervalued investment gems ahead of market trends, capable of pinpointing areas with value-add opportunities.

Machine Learning Investment & Development Advisory

For real estate investors, and property developers: Make faster, more informed decisions by employing our machine learning algorithms to analyze thousands of properties for your investment model.

Intelligent Portfolio & Property Optimization

For real estate property owners, and developers: Ensuring optimal portfolio growth and minimum investment risk through real-time development algorithms, for new and regenerative types of development.

ESG Indicators & Transformation Strategies

For real estate investors, and property owners: Evaluate your portfolio, and assess other properties of interest with our green asset (GA) indicator, capable of finding brown assests with minimum investment risk.

Vår process

Analysis of Your Needs & Investment Target

Through microanalytics and quanitifacation methodologies 

Big Data Analytics (Macro Level)

Through millions of data points and ML algorithms 

Shape Your Algorithm (Micro Level)

Through evidence-bassed analytic process and customizable algorithms 

Pinpoint Optimum Scenario

Through iterating thousands of alternatives 

Why Croisette AA?

Part of Internaltional Organization

Croisette Analytics is part of a bigger, most expansive real estate advisory in the Nordics. Together with the partnership with Knight Frank, the world largest private real estate advisory firm, enables AA to develop and provide real estate analytic services to multi-market and multi-sector clients. Accessibility to one of the largest ever database, as well as collaborating with the most prominent competences in the market, qualifies AA to be the right partner for your real estate investment analysis. 

Data Driven Transparent Process

AA utilizes and develops wide range of analytic algorithms, they are based on millions of data points which cover wide range of decision-making factors throughout the property investment cycle. We follow an open-box, fully transparent process, which ensures a full understanding of why and how certain suggestions are created or discounted. 

Risk Reduction

With our AI-driven simulation and analytic engine, we are able to quanitify and assess all types of risk factors throughout the investment period. We develop our own Digital Twin solution that enables us to evaluate various scenarios for each property. Working interdisciplinary to cover all aspects of assets provides a comprehensive understanding of the current and future value. 

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